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Purifi Audio is a quite young Danish start-up founded in 2019 by the three audio enthusiasts Bruno Putzeys, Lars Risbo, and Peter Lyngdorf. The Purifi headquarter is located in Roskilde, just 40 minutes drive from the core of Copenhagen. It desires to remove all technical limitations in the enjoyment of reproduced music. Therefore, Purifi Audio dedicated its mission to focus its R&D on loudspeaker drivers and power amplifier modules because Purifi Audio believes that those are the biggest limiter regarding sound quality. Purifi Audio represents the principle that you can’t solve a problem if you don’t deeply understand it. That’s why Purifi Audio is convinced that sound quality can be measured and claims they are fluent in analogue and digital next to all the domains of electromagnetics, acoustics, and mechanics. They approach the problems systematically and mathematical. Purifi takes care to upgrade the different distortion mechanisms independently, accordingly, ensuring that any deliberate improvement genuinely mirrors a genuine perceptible improvement regardless of what the signal is.

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